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e c h o boomer is a seven piece Space Pop/Jazz band led and founded by me. The term „echoboomer“ refers to sociology and actually describes the generation born between 1970 and 1990. In this context though, it means a lot more: e c h o boomer is a laboratory for composition and improvisation, for ideas of different music and set-ups. 

In late 2019 the band released their first Album „Aliens On Board“, which turned out to be a very colourful piece of music: Delicately composed soundscapes mix with noise improvisations, „Song-alike“ - structures reside on rhythmically intriguing grounds without missing any clarity. „Aliens on Board“ was voted as one of the top 10 Jazz albums in 2019 by Viennese magazine FALTER.

e c h o boomer can sound big, fragile, funny, heavy, deep and certainly makes an attempt to surprise their audience. 

Beate Wiesinger - bass, composition
Astrid Wiesinger - alto, soprano saxophone
Alois Eberl - trombone
Florian Sighartner - violin
Clemens Sainitzer - cello
Philipp Jagschitz - piano, synth
Michał Wierzgoń- drums

"Aliens On Board" released on Jazzwerkstatt Records

DUO 4675

_O7A5445 web.jpg

Since 2010 Astrid and Beate Wiesinger try to combine forces to create a duo together. Related by blood, raised in the same family - a very special realationship which has, as it turned out, its non-describable highs but also its non-describable lows. 

The musical collaboration has been rather slow since the very beginning. In fact, this cooperation has developed it´s very own nature and often suffers from blind understanding and complete lack of understanding.

The band has been quit as often as it has been started, but nevertheless there has been some progress during the past years.

Lot´s of ideas have been created and also thrown away, „I´d rather play with a harmony-instrument“ „I´ll definitley send a substitute to the next rehearsal“, „Your rhythmical understanding sucks“ are just some examples from a their not yet to be published book „The Wiesingers – how to offend your duo-partner“

Non playable „quadruple stops“ or repetitive piano-like lines without any pauses to breath are still part of the music: „Of course i can do that, it´s „just“ my sister“.

And what about the numbers 46 75? Neither are they describing their individual chest mesurements nor their weight, it´s the zip code of their home village „Weibern“. 

This duo is like a persistent fungus: You try to fight it many times, but still it´s very hard to get rid of.

Beate Wiesinger - bass

Astrid Wiesinger - alto, soprano saxophone



The austrian chamber jazz trio Luchs was founded in 2014 when all members met at Anton-Bruckner University in Linz. Since then the group is exploring the soundworlds of their instruments but also the link of their not so common “set up“ as an ensemble.

Due to the possibility of a wide range of musical expressions and the fact that the players like to take over different “roles“ or “responsibilties“, this band naturally leads the compositions to a category of its own. The music created by violinist Florian Sighartner, saxophonist Astrid Wiesinger and bassist Beate Wiesinger is truly different but could also be described as a mix of the spirit of John Zorn ́s Masdada combined with Eric Dolphy ́s improv-attitude rooted on pop and hip hop grooves of the 21st century.

In late 2016 the ensemble recorded their first album „Totelli“ which was released in November by the austrian label „Jazzwerkstatt Records“ and they are currently working on developing new material.


Beate Wiesinger - bass

Florian Sighartner - violin

Clemens Sainitzer - Cello

Astrid Wiesinger - alto, soprano saxophone

"Totelli" released on Jazzwerkstatt Records

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